5 Reasons To Live in Downtown Springfield, MO

5 Reasons To Live in Downtown Springfield, MO

Maybe you are a recent graduate looking for your first place on your own. Or, perhaps you are a couple of empty nesters looking for a fun change now that the kids are out of the house. Maybe you work at one of the many thriving businesses in downtown Springfield, and dream of a commute you can make by foot. No matter who you are, where you come from, your interests, or occupation, downtown Springfield has a place for you.

Residents in our downtown Springfield lofts enjoy easy access to the latest events, the tastiest restaurants, the best coffee, and a bird’s eye view of the progress happening here downtown. We might be a little biased, but we think it’s the best place to live, eat, and play, ever! Here are 5 reasons why living in downtown Springfield, MO is awesome.

1. Historical sights are everywhere you look.

Downtown Springfield is rich with history and many of the spots of historical events, and the buildings themselves still stand and are better than ever. Several grand old buildings, like Hotel Vandivort, have recently been restored and given fresh life, creating a unique blend of history and modernity.

To learn more about the history of downtown Springfield, pop into the History Museum. Located on the northeast corner of the square, the history museum is the perfect place to go to learn more about how a small town in the middle of nowhere blossomed into the Queen City.

2. Easy access to some of the best restaurants & bars in Springfield.

If you’re a foodie, then downtown Springfield is the perfect place for you. The best part? Some of Springfield’s tastiest and most cutting-edge restaurants are right out your front door…literally! Downtown Springfield has a unique, up-and-coming food scene with restaurants at every price point and food representing multiple nations.

If you want somewhere to go after dinner, the bars that call downtown Springfield home are truly next level and offer something for everyone. Sip on a Mai Tai and enjoy gorgeous views of Park Central Square at The Golden Girl Rum Club or try your luck at trivia night at Dublin’s Pass, an authentic Irish pub.

3. There is always something going on.

If you live in downtown Springfield, MO and you’re bored, well, we don’t really know what to tell you! Downtown is home to two movie theaters, 5 live theaters, 16 music & nightlife venues, museums, Hammons Field, and events galore. And it’s all in your backyard. There is always something going on in downtown from festivals to concerts to tapings of our very own Emmy Award-winning variety show. Don’t believe us? Check out this event calendar from our friends at CID Downtown.

4. You can ditch your car and walk.

As a downtown Springfield dweller, you can walk almost anywhere within the downtown area. Even though downtown offers ample parking options (many of them free!) you don’t have to worry about where to find a spot when you want to step out for a quick bite or to run some errands. This especially comes in handy during events when parking is at a premium, such as the Birthplace of Route 66 Festival.

Downtowners who also work in downtown Springfield avoid the frustrating twice-a-day rush hour commute. You can save on gas, save time, and walk to work!

5. The coolest unique living spaces.

Residents of Springfield Lofts enjoy living in unique spaces that are a blend of modern convenience and historical charm. We pride ourselves on our lofts that have all of the amenities you need, while still maintaining the integrity of the original structures and treating them with great care. Our spaces feature quintessential loft elements like exposed brick, high ceilings, tons of natural light, hardwood floors, and fun fixtures throughout. We’re not gonna lie, our units also make for some great backdrops to up your Instagram game.

Are you interested in living in downtown Springfield? Contact Springfield Lofts to make your downtown dreams a reality.