6 Tips for Living with a Roommate

6 Tips for Living with a Roommate

Living in a loft apartment in Downtown Springfield offers many benefits.

If you’re one of many residents who share your home with a roommate, how can you and your roommates make sure it remains a great experience for everyone?

Here are our 6 tips and bits of advice for successful roommate living:


#1: Establish some ground rules


It’s often said that living with someone is completely different from just knowing them — so whether you’ve just met your roommate or you’ve known them for years, it’s important to get started living together on the right foot.

Here are some things to talk about when setting some simple ground rules:

  • Establish some daily routines. Is there a particular time of day when either of you needs to take a shower or wash clothes? Deciding this now will help avoid conflicts later on.
  • Which of your belongings will you share, and which will be off-limits to the other person?
  • Do either of you plan to host any social gatherings in your apartment? What about overnight guests? If so, decide ahead of time how to accommodate them.
  • Decide whether to have a “lights out” time. What if one of you needs to stay up late working on a special project? Should you go to a library or coffee shop to finish up, or would the other person be fine just closing his/her bedroom door?
  • Talk about noise preferences. Decide whether to establish “quiet” hours.
  • Decide right up front whether to permit things like tobacco and alcohol usage in your apartment.

#2: Share schedules


You and your roommate should know each other’s schedules. Consider putting up a calendar or bulletin board where you can post things like:

  • Work hours
  • Class schedules
  • Appointments
  • Vacation plans

Also, it’d be good roommate etiquette to let your roommate know if you need to wake up earlier than usual or if you’re running late coming home.


#3: Cooperate on chores


Do your part on household chores:

  • Consider placing a “chore chart” on a bulletin board.
  • Will you take turns on chores or do them together?
  • Decide ahead of time whose turn it is for washing dishes, taking out trash, vacuuming the floors, or cleaning the bathroom.

#4: Decide who pays


Worried about forgetting to pay your share of the rent? Not sure how to split that utility bill?

Turns out, there are apps for that! Apps including Splitwise and Venmo help you in a number of ways:

  • You can set up automatic payments so no one forgets
  • The apps can connect directly to your bank account
  • You can instantly split bills between roommates
  • The apps can help you track shared expenses

#5: Watch the noise


Here are some tips for keeping noise at acceptable levels:

  • Avoid the snooze button and turn off your alarm the first time.
  • Do either of you snore? Consider a white noise machine or old-fashioned fan to help with this.
  • Does one of you tend to talk loudly on the phone? Try to keep it down or go to another room and close the door. You can also turn on a fan to mask certain pitches and frequencies.
  • Pay attention to the volume if you’re listening to music or watching TV while the other person is trying to sleep, study, or participate in other quiet activities.

#6: Have some fun!


Even though setting up good roommate ground rules is pretty essential to a great loft living experience, life doesn’t always have to be so serious! Downtown Springfield can offer a lot of opportunities for loft dwellers to have some fun together:

  • Enjoy a delicious meal at one of many downtown restaurants — from Mexican to Italian to down home American cuisine — Downtown Springfield has something for every palate.
  • Browse through one of several clothing stores, art galleries, and other retail establishments.


We hope these 6 helpful tips and talking points will help you and your roommate enjoy a great Downtown living experience at Springfield Lofts!