Get Your Wheels Spinning With Bike Trails in Downtown Springfield MO

Get Your Wheels Spinning With Bike Trails in Downtown Springfield MO

Imagine being able to get a good workout in before work and helping the environment while you do it. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Good news: getting a bike may just solve that problem. Biking can be a great way to get your heart pumping while lessening your carbon footprint and the amount you spend on gas. No matter whether you bike to and from your 9-5 or you want to travel all of the trails in the state, the bike trails in Springfield MO have something to offer you.

Interested in making biking a new hobby of yours? Learn more about the trails in town and how to keep yourself safe.

What are some benefits of cycling?

Biking is more than just a fun pastime. There are real physical, psychological and environmental benefits you can see from biking more often.

These can include:

  • More freedom. You aren’t nearly as constrained on a bike as you are in a car. You’ll get to feel the air whipping around you and the road beneath you. Enjoy being closer to nature than a car would ever allow you.
  • Fewer parking problems. While downtown Springfield MO has plenty of parking, one-way roads and Park Central Square can make it hard to get right up close to your workplace or favorite coffee shop. However, a nearby bike rack may end that trouble. Unsure where to find a rack? Luckily, the City of Springfield has assembled a list of all of the bike racks downtown for you.
  • Better the environment. Driving a car adds fuel emissions to the atmosphere, which doesn’t even factor the emissions released and energy used to build and manufacture a car. Biking reduces the amount of fuel you use and allows you to spend more time away from your vehicle.
  • Get fit. Cycling is a great exercise to add to your routine. It builds muscle and bone while getting your blood pumping. If you’re looking for a lower risk of injuring yourself, biking is easy on your joints and perfect for people of all ages.

Where can I find bike trails in Springfield MO?

Downtown Springfield is nestled right by some of the best bike trails in town. Take a ride down the Jordan Valley Greenway, which connects downtown to the north and south neighborhoods through several beautiful parks. You can spot the Sculpture Walk along the way or stop by the Mediacom Ice Park for a quick ice-skating break.

Get connected to the city via The Link, a 7 mile bike/pedestrian trail that guides you through the city. These lanes are specifically marked for bikes, helping you to find your place when the roads get uncertain. Should you encounter a problem with your bike along the way, you can find one of the seven bike aid stations the City has provided on the trail. You can kick off your ride at any point on the link, including several spots near downtown.

For those looking to go beyond downtown, there are plenty of opportunities in the Ozarks to take your cycling to the next level. In nearby Highlandville, stop by Two Rivers Bike Park for 14 miles of professionally built tracks, perfect for bikers of all skill levels. If you’d rather bike your commute than drive it, consider using the Ozarks Greenway Trails. These trails cover 81 miles of on-street bike routes in Springfield and beyond, getting you to your destination safely and quickly.

How can I stay safe on my bike?

Unfortunately, being on a bike means that your risk of being injured in an accident is far greater. You’re not safely inside a metal shell like you would be in a car, and speeding cars can mean disaster on a bike. While Springfield prioritizes pedestrian safety, roads can still be dangerous.

Follow these tips to make your next ride safer:

  • Wear tight fitting clothes that won’t get caught in your bike.
  • Stay out of blind spots.
  • Use hand signals to show your movement.
  • Watch for cars opening doors.
  • Learn and follow all road rules for bikes.

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