Living Aloft in the Heart of the Queen City

Living Aloft in the Heart of the Queen City

Days take flight and evenings soar with endless possibilities for the loft dwellers who live, work, and play in Downtown Springfield, Missouri.

The ‘Queen City’ offers up a unique blend of old-fashioned Ozarks hospitality splashed with a gentle urban vibe — all brought to life by the kaleidoscope of personalities that give this Downtown a lively spirit that permeates every nook and cranny of one of America’s fastest-growing cities.

It’s that same one-of-a-kind energy that seamlessly flows from her pulsing streets and into an assortment of legacy buildings in which residents make their homes in one of many stylishly comfortable loft apartments.

  • Loft living provides floor plans as open as the imagination, which make the perfect palette for tradition-minded dwellers who crave a classic touch, as well as contemporary folk who push their innovative preferences in an endless array of directions with a modern flair.
  • The historic lofts provide a welcoming atmosphere for guests from across town — or across the world — to linger over tasty treats, engaging conversation, and whatever else the occasion calls for amidst the timeless, yet progressive backdrop of hard floors, sturdy brick walls, exposed industrial features, and personalized art collections.
  • But perhaps the most intriguing picture of all is the art in motion framed by the large loft windows adorning many of the dwellings. It is these windows that give Downtown residents a ringside view as folks of all backgrounds make their way down the sidewalk, flanked by busses, bikes, and motorists scurrying down the street to destinations near and far.

This ‘art in motion’ inspires participation, compelling the loft dweller to venture outside and join the scene as it brims with possibilities — whether it is just a short walk, bike ride, or drive away.

Loft dwellers mingle with commuters as they combine talents to serve customers in one of the many businesses, new and old, that fuel the burgeoning economic life of this fast-growing city.

The Queen City also serves up an abundance of year-round cultural and recreational adventures. There will always be something to do in Downtown Springfield, MO.

  • Instruments sing and voices ring with home-grown talent and world-renowned performers alike gracing the stages of legendary venues such as the Gillioz Theatre, the Shrine Mosque, and Springfield Little Theatre. Numerous other venues leave their own mark on Springfield’s performing arts history — one night at a time.
  • The wonders of science come alive for all ages at the Discovery Center — with exhibits and special events that feed the mind and stir the imagination.
  • Self-expression takes center stage every month as the sights and sounds of First Friday Art Walk make their way down the streets and sidewalks.
  • A bevy of shops, boutiques, and art galleries celebrate Springfield’s vibrant creative community every day, inviting residents to discover special gifts for loved ones, as well as keepsakes to personalize their loft apartment homes.
  • Culinary treasures nourish the body, mind, and soul in one of Downtown’s many unique restaurants, coffee shops, and eateries.
  • Longer days bring the summery sound of cracking bats and call fans to take in a Springfield Cardinals game at Hammons Field, with the savory scent of ballpark treats wafting through the air.

In Downtown Springfield, loft living affords the perfect atmosphere for discovering oneself, for mixing and matching the classic and the modern, the upscale and the down-home — both inside and out.

It is no wonder that more and more residents are relishing the perks of living aloft in the heart of the Queen City of the Ozarks.