Make the Most of Your Loft Apartment Decor with These 4 Design Tips

Make the Most of Your Loft Apartment Decor with These 4 Design Tips

Moving into a loft can be a dream come true for an urban dweller. Living right in the heart of a vibrant city is exciting and offers a great deal of possibilities. Once you’ve moved in, deciding how to decorate your loft and make it home can be a challenge. The wide open spaces offered by lofts may defy your traditional apartment decorating norms.

Look no further – try these four design tips to make your loft come to life.

#1: Consider your loft’s history

Lofts are unique from apartments in part due to their often historical roots. Lofts may have been adapted into housing from previous industrial buildings, like the former Finkbiner Transfer and Storage that is now Olive Place, or the Kresge Company which now houses Kresge Lofts.

When decorating your loft, you may choose to consider the historical resonance. Leaving a wall uncovered by decorations can highlight timeless exposed brick. Industrial plumbing may be another feature that beckons you to recall the past of the loft.

You may also choose to feature the history of the loft in how you decorate it. For instance, using rustic elements like metal or leather can help to capture the essence of an urban area. Don’t be afraid to add some softness too – you still want your loft to be a comfy place to live!


#2: Decide how you plan to use the space

Lofts can be intimidating if you’re coming from a place that has a set floor plan. The open nature of lofts can test even the best apartment decorators. Face the challenge head-on by setting up rooms within your large loft.

In order to divide a room, you may choose to use curtains, partitions, or sliding doors to separate areas. Another option you may utilize is to incorporate area rugs into your design. Rugs can create a space in a room while keeping the loft open and without borders. Even though there may not be brick wall dividing your dining and living room, you can create boundaries in the area just the same.


#3: Utilize lighting to bring out your space

Lighting is an important element to consider when it comes to design. Fortunately, lofts offer a wide variety of options when it comes to lighting. Lofts may have several large windows that overlook the city, bringing in lots of natural light. Consider which parts of your loft will receive the most natural light, as this will affect where you may choose to place your furniture. Experiencing the sunrise in your living room may be a great feeling, whereas getting an eyeful of the sun from your bed may not be a welcome waking.

Employ lighting fixtures in areas of your loft that don’t see as much light from the sun. For a kitchen, you may choose to incorporate lighting fixtures that brighten up the area where you cook. Near a desk you may consider task lighting from lamps to illuminate your workspace. Wherever you place lighting sources in your loft, consider the purpose of the lighting along with what kind of mood it will set.


#4: Pay attention to color

One of the most fun parts of apartment decorating is choosing which colors to use. Before you start to buy furniture, stop and consider whether you want a warm, cozy feeling or a cool, modern vibe. Colors like red, brown and gold can make an apartment feel more homey, whereas colors like blue, white and green foster a more contemporary environment.

Choose a color to serve as your focal point and build a palette with colors that complement one another without matching too much. Be aware that bright colors can make a room look larger, while dark rooms can make a room seem smaller. Using color can help to structure your loft without any extra effort on your part.


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