Make Your Next Move Stress-Free With These Moving Tips

Make Your Next Move Stress-Free With These Moving Tips

There’s no denying it: moving is one of the most stressful times in your life. Few things can be as taxing as packing up your life into boxes, moving heavy objects across towns or states and re-learning a routine in an area that may not be familiar to you.

Moving isn’t something to dread though. Moving into a new place means new opportunities to decorate, new energy and a chance for a fresh start.

It can be hard to focus on the good when you’re dreading the process of moving. To help ease some of your stress, we’ve listed the top four moving tips to bring you some peace through this huge life change.

Love it or leave it

Moving doesn’t start with packing. In fact, your first priority should be to decide what’s going with you and what’s staying. Moving is a great opportunity to clear out some of the clothes and furniture you’re not obsessed with.

Go room by room and decide which objects are most important to take. If you haven’t taken it out of the box since you’ve bought it, consider donating it. Keep track of the items you decide to donate because you may be eligible for a tax deduction depending on the value of your donated items.

Nothing is worse than moving boxes upon boxes only to get to your new home or apartment and throw half of it away. Being able to be discerning before you move can save you the headache of dealing with clutter later.

Craft a plan

Once you’ve decided what you’re taking with you, you can begin to form a moving plan. Making a comprehensive home or apartment checklist for moving can eliminate the need to guess whether or not you’ll get everything done in time.

Some items to include on your checklist should be:

  • Do I have enough packing supplies? Boxes, packing tape and packing foam should be the first three items on your list when you’re moving. Instead of purchasing boxes, ask friends or family if they have boxes left over from the last time they moved. It’s likely they’ll have boxes they’re willing to get rid of, saving you the time and money from going out and getting them.
  • When am I moving out/moving in? Make sure you have a firm move-in and move-out date far enough in advance that you can plan your move. If there’s going to be a few days or weeks in between moving from one place to another, you’ll want to have an idea of what you’ll be doing in the interim.
  • What does my new home or apartment look like? Knowing the layout of your new home or apartment is key to packing. You don’t want to bring too much or too little to fill the space, and being able to coordinate boxes by room can help the moving process.

Start early

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while moving is to wait until the last minute. The last thing you want is to be frantically packing the day that you’re supposed to move. Having a moving plan can help you to start the process early and get finished in plenty of time.

Consider how much time you have to move and start packing little by little each day. For instance, if you’re moving in July you can start by packing up coats and winter clothes you won’t be needing for months.

Getting packing done early can give you valuable time to go over the little details of moving like setting up the internet, forwarding mail or cancelling your utilities. Running errands may be a chore you don’t enjoy, so being able to space it out can make a move easier.

Organization is key

Once you’re in your new place, you don’t want to hunt for all of your plates so you can eat dinner, and you especially don’t want to find your plates broken. Keeping organized during a move will make it easier to unpack and get back to living your life as normal.

Consider these packing tips for moving:

  • Organize your items by room so you can unpack an entire area at once
  • Distribute the weight of your items evenly to avoid a broken box disaster
  • Prioritize your items. What will you need ASAP at the new place?

Moving is far from an easy process, but being able to plan and organize properly can help keep you looking on the bright side and get you excited to explore a new space in your life.

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