Still on the Move at Olive Place

Still on the Move at Olive Place

Just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Downtown Square, Olive Place and her residents continue to do their part to keep Springfield on the move.

Still known to many locals as the “Finkbiner Building,” Olive Place was the longtime home of Springfield’s oldest moving company, Finkbiner Transfer and Storage, from the time she was built circa 1925 until 2004, when the company opened a new chapter in its history at a different location.

  • The Finkbiner family founded the company in the late 1910s, providing vital moving and storage services to commercial, industrial, and residential customers who were moving across the country, or just across town!
  • The company built the Finkbiner building in the 1920s, just south of the railroad track and just north of Olive Street. The unique wedge-shaped brick structure was specifically designed to accommodate trains, trucks, and wagons, as all three modes of transportation were still quite common during the early 20th century.
  • In the mid-1930s, SH Paul purchased both the building and the company, which continued to operate under the Finkbiner name. Throughout its history on Olive Street, the company hauled and stored everything from heavy goods to personal treasures to paper and flour, including a good deal of freight from the famed Frisco Line. SH Paul’s son George sold the building in 2004.
  • Following the 2004 sale, the old Finkbiner building underwent a remodel that was completed in 2007, in which she transformed into Olive Place Lofts. She now boasts an assortment of comfortable, stylish loft apartments featuring concrete and wood floors, sturdy wood beams, and the modern-classic feel of exposed brick and piping.

Her history and location make Olive Place the perfect hub for pulling together the commercial, industrial, and cultural life of the Queen City, and she still greets passersby with the same friendly spirit and can-do energy that were built into every nook and cranny back in the 1920s.

From her prime location at the corner of Olive and Main, she effortlessly mingles with other nearby organizations that enrich the life of the city in ways too innumerable to count, from architecture firm Butler, Rosenbury & Partners and Rare Breed Youth Services, to the Regal College Station 14 and the Hotel of Terror, one of Springfield’s favorite Halloween attractions.

It’s the perfect home for innovative thinkers and dreamers who thrive on hard work, even harder play, and unbounded hospitality towards neighbors from all walks of life.